The Wine-story of Romania

The Wine-Story of Romania A glass of wine, or some stories about Romania? How about both, and some more glasses? What kind of wine? Romanian, of course. Actually 6 types of wines, 3 red, 3… continue reading The Wine-story of Romania

timisoara – the flash tour

Timisoara – The Flash Tour This is a short walking tour, for those who have only 1,5 hours to visit Timisoara. The tour reaches the main sights and touristic attractions  in the city center: The… continue reading timisoara – the flash tour

timisoara – live like a local

timisoara – live like a local During this tour we’ll try not to do the “touristic” things. We’ll try to be in contact with the local people, to see how they live, to hear their… continue reading timisoara – live like a local

Timisoara – The Big Tour

Timisoara – The Big Tour is an extension of The Classic Tour. After visiting the old city center (for 2,5 – hours), we’ll visit the old neighborhoods of the city: Fabric, Elisabetin, Iosefin. Fabric (Germ.… continue reading Timisoara – The Big Tour