Half day tour to Timisoara, departure from Arad

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Timisoara is the best place to visit from Arad, for a half-day tour. Book the tour end enjoy a city tour in Timisoara, probably the most beautiful city of Romania. We pick you up at… continue reading Half day tour to Timisoara, departure from Arad

Timisoara – The Big Tour

Timisoara – The Big Tour is an extension of The Classic Tour. After visiting the old city center (for 2,5 – hours), we’ll visit the old neighborhoods of the city: Fabric, Elisabetin, Iosefin. Fabric (Germ.… continue reading Timisoara – The Big Tour

Two Days in Transylvania

Two Days in Transylvania is an extension of the tour One Day in Transylvania. After visiting Alba Iulia we arrive in Sibiu, one of the most beautiful cities of Romania. We still have time for… continue reading Two Days in Transylvania