Beautiful nature – one day trip to Bigar Waterfall and Danube Gorge


Beautiful nature – one day trip to Bigar Waterfall and Danube Gorge

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A full day in Banat region: almost 500 km in a 12 hours trip. The trip will take us to some beautiful back-roads, most of them the hilly and mountain side of Banat.
First stop will be at Bigar Waterfall. This small waterfall (7-8 m) became famous after was voted the most beautiful cascade in the world, according to .
Next stop is the Danube. After crossing 6 countries and 4 European capitals, the Danube enters Romania, but not anyhow: the Danube is forming here, in Southern Banat, its biggest Gorge. This gorge is also the natural border between Romania and Serbia. We’ll visit the most spectacular part of the Gorge – The Iron Gates. The narrowest two sectors are called “the boilers” – and we’ll find out why is this.
Time for lunch in a restaurant on the Danube’s shore.

Boat cruise on Danube: we’ll visit Decebal’s Statue and 2 caves. The cruise is made by a small boat (8-10 pers) and takes about 40 minutes.

Not included in the price:  lunch, entrance fee to Bigar Waterfall (5 lei / pers.), Danube cruise (30 lei / pers.), entrance fee to Veterani Cave (6 lei / pers.)

Don’t forget your walking shoes, comfortable clothes and your camera.

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