timisoara – the flash tour

timisoara turul scurt

Timisoara – The Flash Tour

  • This is a short walking tour, for those who have only 1,5 hours to visit Timisoara.
  • The tour reaches the main sights and touristic attractions  in the city center: The Victory Square (Piata Victoriei), The Union Square (Piata Unirii), The Freedom Square (Piata Libertatii), The Maria Theresia Bastion  (Bastionul Maria Terezia)
  • We’ll see the most important buildings, the statues and we’ll find their stories.
  • If you stay in one of the hotels in the city center, the tour can begin wright at your hotel.
  • Is the best way to find the history of Timisoara in brief and to see the iconic buildings and sights of the city.