daily shared classic city tour of timisoara for 10 euros

timisoara city tour unirii

daily shared classic city tour of timisoara for 10 euros


Nowadays everybody is searching for a free tour. No need for booking, no commitment, just join the tour and pay only if you liked it. On the other hand, you don’t really know how trustable the information offered is, probably the guide is not a professional one and you won’t book another tour to be able to compare them. We are offering you something else. An affordable daily tour made by professional tour guides. It’s only 10 euros, but you don’t have to pay if you didn’t like the tour.

Our meeting point will be at the Tourist Information Center – Alba Iulia Street no. 2. The tour will last for about 1:30 h and will take you to the most important places in the city center of Timisoara. We’ll talk about 700 years of history, beautiful architecture, fun facts and trivia.

We start in Victory Square with Opera House, Lloyd Palace and the Orthodox Cathedral. We’ll see also the Royal Castle and we’ll learn about an event from 1456 which is still affecting the whole world today. Next is Piata Libertatii (Freedom Square). During the 164 years of Turkish occupation, the hammam and bazaar used to be here. Starting with 18th century this was the administrative center of the city. We walk to the old downtown – Piata Unirii (Union Square). Definitely, we are in the most beautiful part of the city. We’ll see here the Catholic Dome and the Serbian Orthodox church, Dicasterial Palace, Bruck Palace and the Plague Column. We’ll talk about baroque and Secession (Art Nouveau) architecture and about how this square was built in the 18th century. Last stop is The Bastion. We’ll learn here about the most advanced type of fortification in the 18th and 19th centuries – the star-shaped fortresses. How were they built and operated? In the end you can ask more information about the city.


How do you book? – There’s no need for that, just show up 5 minutes before the start at the Tourist Info Center.

Is there a minimum no. of participants? – No, the tour will run even with only one person.

How do you pay? – Cash, in Lei or Euros, at the end of the tour, and only if you liked it.


See you there.