the shared classic city tour of timisoara, starting with 10 euros

timisoara city tour unirii

the shared classic city tour of timisoara, starting with 10 euros

The Classic Shared City Tour of Timisoara is the best introduction to the city. A deep one we would say, because the tour lasts about 2,5 hours and gives you lots of information about this city.

why the classic tour? 

The tour is a walking tour, but most important it is a CHRONOLOGICAL tour. This means that the story of the city is presented from the beginnings to the present day. We don’t jump in time back and forth, and we don’t use so many years and dry data. We focus on what’s important and we’ll also explain the historical context that made those events happen.

what we’ll do? 

We’ll start at the Corvins’ Castle (Banat Museum today) and we learn about the beginnings of the city (13th century). We continue up to the time when Timisoara became the capital of a Turkish province (16th century). We walk in Piata Libertății (Liberty Square) and Piata Sfântul Gheorghe (St. George Square) talking about those 164 years of Timisoara being a Turkish city with hammam, bazar, harem and 8 mosques. We’ll see where these things were located.

We continue our tour towards the Bastion, talking about how Timisoara became an Austrian city, starting with the early 18th century. At Maria Theresia Bastion we’ll talk about this type of star-shaped fortresses, with bastions, the most modern defensive structures for those years.

Next is Piata Unirii (Union Square), the old downtown of Timisoara. Here we’ll spend about 30 minutes talking about the beautiful buildings in the square and hearing stories about the good old times. The Catholic Dome, the Baroque Palace, Bruck Palace and the Serbian Bishop’s Palace are the most important buildings here.

Piata Libertății (Liberty Square) is our next stop. This was the administrative center of the city. Civil and a lot of military administration buildings, because Timisoara used to be a very important military center.

Last stop is Piata Victoriei (Victory Square). Here we see the Opera House, the Orthodox Cathedral and the beautiful Art Nouveau – Secession palaces built here 115 years ago. We’ll talk here about the defortification process, about the fulminant development of Timisoara 100 years ago and about how the Orthodox Cathedral was built.

We can’t finish the tour before talking about the Communist regime in Romania and about the Anticommunist Revolution which started in Timisoara. We’ll see the bullet holes witness from back then.

In the end, we’ll talk about Timisoara today and you can share us your impressions about the city.

what’s the cost?

We want to offer this tour for 10 euros / person, to be an affordable tour. For this, we need minimum 5 persons. If it’s less than 5 persons, we can still do the tour, but your share will be more than 10 euros. Actually we’ll share the cost of 50 euros to the number of participants.

If you want a private tour, just for you, check this page.

when it takes place?

We try to do this tour every day. Check the list below and see if there are any scheduled tours in the future. If there are, join one of the tours (by sending us a request). If not, you can initiate one: send us a reservation request (see the button above) and tell us when you want to do the tour (date and hour) and for how many persons you want to book.

If you initiate a shared tour (or if you join one) and the minimum no of 5 was not reached, you can choose not to participate. There’s no fee for this.

When to book? 

The sooner, the better. If you try to set a shared tour for tomorrow, the chances to find the rest of the persons up to 5 are pretty small. So, if you can, book in advance.

See you at the tour!

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