10 streets and 3 squares are old and new in Timisoara

10 streets and 3 squares are old and new in Timisoara

New Statues in Timisoara city center

New statues in Timisoara city center

10 streets and 3 squares are old and new in the same time 🙂 . New because they are recently renovated (the entire pavement was changed and they are now paved with cobblestone), old because these streets and squares were built almost 3 centuries ago. The renovations are part of a project granted with European funds. The works started 2 and half years ago, and finish them was a real challenge. This was because in most part of Timisoara’s city center underground (sometimes in less than 1 meter) you can find the old Turkish city. Streets, foundations of the old houses or public houses (like the Turkish bath), mosques and even cemeteries (some hundreds of skeletons were excavated) all can be found under the streets of Timisoara. Every time when workers found something like this, they had to stop working and to call the archaeologists to do the investigations. Lots of Turkish artifacts were excavated and taken to the History Museum. A temporary exhibition was made with some of them; most of them will be exposed in the History Museum – which is now closed for major renovations.

Besides the archaeological objects and the facts are the stories about the Turkish period of Timisoara. These stories can be heard during the city tours – I recommend you the classic tour for this.

I am Ludovic Satmari, an experienced city guide, and I am eager to meet you in Timisoara.