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7 new statues in Timisoara

new statues timisoara

7 new statues in Timisoara

7 new statues in Timisoara

7 new statues can be found on the renovated streets of the old city center of Timisoara. All 7 are modern sculptures made by 4 Romanian artists.

Of course, when it comes about modern art, everybody has an opinion. Almost half of the population (at least in Romania) rejects it. The other half has shared opinions. But how come Timisoara got 7 new statues all of a sudden? Well, 10 streets and 3 squares in Timisoara “suffered” a serious renovation, functionally and aesthetically. In the end, the streets and squares got new urban furniture and statues. The City Hall questioned the people of Timisoara about what should represent the new statues. Most of the people choices were for historical figure or celebrities born in Timisoara (like Johnny Weissmuller – the actor who played Tarzan for the first time). Other options were for statues-furniture, like persons dressed in vintage clothes, but there are already too many statues of this kind in many cities. Most of the historical figures already have statues in various places and eventually the architects coordinating the restoration project choose the modern art. I’m glad with this choice. Modern art is refreshing, intelligent and visually challenging.

But enough talking, let’s see who the artists are and what sculptures they’ve made.  (the translations of the work’s titles belong to me and I’m not the best translator)

Virgil ScripcariuSupermam, Eva

Mircea Roman –  Coaja de om (Human Shell), Marea Piramida (The GreatPyramid), Totem – still under construction.

 Ion Nicodim – Ansamblu de Coloane (Columns)

Bogdan Rață –  De-a telefonul (Playing “The Phone”)


modern art timisoara supermam

Supermam, by Virgil Scripcaru



modern art timisoara eve

Eve, by Virgil Scripcaru

modern art timisoara human shell

Coaja de om (human shell), by Mircea Roman

modern art timisoara great pyramid

Marea Piramida (The Great Pyramid), by Mircea Roman

modern art timisoara columns

Ansamblu de coloane (Columns), by Ion Nicodim

modern art timisoara telephone

De-a telefonul (Playing “The Phone”), by Bogdan Rață

Special thanks to Patrick Kiszel for the photos.


  1. on December 16, 2016 at 20:51
    Cazare said:

    Buna, acum am gasit aceasta pagina despre 7 new statues in Timisoara.

    Pot spune ca saitul timisoaracitytours.com este printre cele mai folositoare pagini de pe internetul romanesc.
    Mult succes in viitor.

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