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One of Romania’s gates to western Europe, Arad is neither big (currently 12th biggest city in Romania), nor very old (origins dating back to the mid-16th century). Arad had it chance though, to be built in an age when all the constructions were beautifully done. Eclectic or Secession, Hungarian or Viennese, Arad impresses through color, shape and well… after more than a 100 years, some entropy as well! All of this contributes to the charm of a fabulous city! It’s high time you discover it!

The tour leads us through the heart of the city where starting the mid-1870s a huge construction site opened that lasted till the beginning of the Great War.  Located in an area of Hungarian influence, Arad took the shape of western European cities trough ideas that came over the axis from Budapest to Vienna, where most of the educated locals finished their studies. In the last decade of the 19th century the Eclectic is replaced by the Art Nouveau, present in Arad in the form of the Hungarian Secessió and later of the Viennese Secession. What’s the difference between those two? What’s their history and mostly how did those styles change Arad’s appearance forever, these are only a few of the questions we’re goanna find an answer during our tour!


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