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Turda Salt Mine and Corvin Castle
Day Trip

Turda Salt Mine and Corvin Castle
Day Trip

One of the most spectacular day trips we offer is the Turda Salt Mine and Corvin Castle trip. In one day we’ll get to see one of the most amazing Gothic Castles in Europe and hear all the legends about the castle, its owners and its prisoners and also get the chance to explore
probably the best underground place in Romania and surely one of the best in Europe – Turda Salt Mine. In between we’ll have a stop for a traditional Romanian lunch. 

For this tour we will depart at 8.00 am from Timisoara as we’ll be driving for around 650km roundtrip.

We’ll be crossing the forest from Banat to Transylvania and in less than 2 hours we’ll first stop and visit Corvin Castle, the largest Gothic building in south-eastern Europe that is not a church!
Here we’ll visit all the rooms of the castle that are available, talk about the legend of the family and discover many interesting things, including the prison!

Next stop will be the salt mine.Surely one of the most impressive salt mines in Europe it dates back to pre-roman times ( 50 BC ) and even the romans dug here in order for them to have salt.
Today if we were to extract the total amount of salt you can find here, it would be enough for the whole population of the world for the next 60 years, experts say!

The deepest part of the mine goes 112 meters underground. The salt mine is a big tourist attraction but people also come here for curative purposes. We can spend time here playing billiards, ping-pong or even rowing a boat on a small salted lake on the bottom of the mine.
After exiting the mine, we’ll start our journey back to Timisoara (around 3h drive).

*We have several options on the way and you can choose the one that suits you!

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