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Local wine tasting

Local wine tasting

Get to know Romania as a wine producer and try everything it has to offer in terms of refined tastes.

On the territory of today’s Romania, wines have been appreciated since ancient times. We even have a legend that says that in order to discipline his people, a Burebista king had to cut down all the vines, so yes, wine was somewhat important. We skip ahead to the present and propose a city tour that ends in a place that will introduce you to Romanian wine culture.

After we see the main attractions of the city, such as Victoriei Square, the Opera balcony from where Timișoara was proclaimed free from communism in 1989, Unirii Square, or the last bastion of the citadel, we will go to get to know the local wines. Produced in the vineyards near the city, these wines gather energies from around the world, and we are sure they will soon gain the attention of wine lovers worldwide. Did we make you curious? We hope so!

You will see that all the big names in the industry like Merlot, Cabernet, and Syrah are here too; only we will accompany them with the local varieties that try to break down the prejudices of every wine lover. So keep an open mind and let your taste buds be prepared for a big surprise!

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