Timisoara City Tours




Timisoara City Tours is a team of professional guides in love with their jobs.

We have to admit we are also in love with our city and our country. Guiding is our passion and making our guests happy is a great satisfaction for us.

Join us and visit Timisoara, Banat and Transylvania.

,,I’m constantly curious about the world around me! On the other hand, if everything that I discover isn’t shared, well… it’s kind of a waste, isn’t it? At least, that’s the way I see things, now!”

Dan Codre

Dan is one of the first members of the Timișoara City Tours group. He lives in Arad, but studied history in Timișoara, so he is pretty much connected to both these western romanian cities. After working as a teacher and then some 10 years spent in television business as a reporter and documentaries producer, he started guiding as part of his passion for telling others what he learns about the world around.

,, Having travelled to more than 35 countries and having met many people along the way, I realised not many know much about Romania. So I said to myself - I must do something about this! And here I am, together with colleagues, to guide you through Romania!”

Sergiu Dănilă

Sergiu was born and raised in Timișoara. He is also a senior in the Timișoara City Tour organisation, though he is not that old. He graduated from English and German studies at West University in his hometown. Fluent in four languages: English, German, Italian, and Spanish. He presents his tours as part of his life, not only like a job! Passionate about nature, photography, and… Inter Milan. It’s definitely worth meeting him on the way!

“I think that Timisoara is still an undiscovered gem! As a child, I walked the streets of the Fabric neighborhood and of Timisoara in general, and I was fascinated by these places. I am glad that in 2023, together with the title of European Capital of Culture, Timișoara gained a lot of new spaces for exhibitions. I also walked a lot through art galleries and I think that Cultural Timișoara would also be a world worth experiencing for any visitor!”

Marius Ciortan

Marius was born in Timișoara in the year immediately following the fall of the communist regime in Romania. He took advantage of the new perspectives offered by a democratic country, traveled everywhere he could and often thought that what he left at home might also be interesting to present to travelers. Curious by nature, he often sought to find new meanings behind the walls of the old houses in the historical idustrial neighborhood of the city where he lives. This is also one of the reasons why he became a guide – to learn and tell the story of his city to guests from all over the world.

,,I think that Romania has a lot to show the guests who come from abroad! We have gorgeous cities, rural areas that still look authentic, nature that takes your breath away, all these things make this country an ideal place for tourism. I also feel connected to the world I left behind in Germany, in fact I still commute from time to time between my two countries, but with the experience I gained in my studies there and with what I found here I think I succeeded to arrive at a recipe that cannot fail to be successful.”

Mark Alex Muntean

Alex was born into a multi ethnic family from Banat who had the chance to escape the gray world of Romanian communism long before the revolution of 1989. Raised in Germany, where he completed his education studying at the universities of Mannheim, Heidelberg and Frankfurt on Main, he returned to Romania in 2015 where he founded Cosmopolit Reisen, a small enterprise focused on promoting incoming tourism. The first collaborations with Timișoara City Tours came only a year later, and currently he is one of the core members of our team.

,,I am passionate about the multi-ethnic and multi-confessional aspects of these regions, so after a long time in the heart of Transylvania, I have returned to the western part of the country, where I like promoting the culture, history, gastronomy, and local traditions while building bridges between cultures. I am passionate about travel, the English language, theology, science, history, and board games.”

Roberta Rosa

Born and raised in Arad, Western Romania, Roberta comes from a multicultural family, something specific to the area that makes her passionate about different cultures worldwide. She has lived in Cluj-Napoca for 13 years, where she started working as a tour guide in 2015, and since then she has had the opportunity to share the beauties of Transylvania and Banat with people from all around the world. 

“I would like witness the underground city, the underground cultural life of old Timișoara again! Even before 1989, during communism, there was a scene here of artists who gathered in various places, such as the rock scene at Flora on the banks of the Bega, and created an art that today I think we lack. I hope we regain this world that we somehow lost today! Any respectable city has such a culture and Timișoara deserves to have it again.”

Armand Iftode

Armand is an actor, a teacher, he teaches theater at the University (even if it’s more complicated to call you a professor there, that’s basically what he is) a truly versatile man who has a lot to offer and say! He took up city tours more than six years ago. His acting side appreciates the direct interaction with the guests, with the audience that he finds in every tour on the street. He likes stories and above all he likes to tell them with passion and a lot of soul. His father comes from Moldova, his mother from Oltenia, and he is a genuine Timișoara guy, very representative for the beautifully colored world of the capital of Banat.