Timisoara City Tours




Timisoara City Tours is a team of professional guides in love with their jobs.

We have to admit we are also in love with our city and our country. Guiding is our passion and making our guests happy is a great satisfaction for us.

Join us and visit Timisoara, Banat and Transylvania.

“What I like the most about guiding is to see the sparkles in the eyes of my guests when they learn something new at my tours. This is the biggest reward for me and this is what keeps me going. Being a guide is also a passion for me and I consider myself fortunate because of this.”

Ludovic Satmari

Working in turism now for almost two decades, Ludovic (Vic as we call him) is by far our most experienced guide! Founder of “Timisoara City Tours”, he made himself a name in the guiding branch in Western Romania. His guests describe him as being very passionate and well documented and we strongly believe they are right! He studied Geography at the West University of Timișoara but masters far more fields beside that. A tour with him is definitely something you will all remember!

,,Yeah, I’m constantly curious about the world around me! On the other hand, if everything that I discover isn’t shared to anyone, well… it’s kind of a waste, isn’t it? At least, that’s the way I see things, now!”

Dan Codre

Dan is one of the founders of Hightours.ro. He lives in Arad, but studied history in Timișoara, so he is pretty much connected to both these western romanian cities. After working as a teacher and then some 10 years spent in television business as a reporter and short documentaries producer, he started guiding as part of his passion for telling others what he learns about the world around.

,, Having travelled to more than 35 countries and having met many people along the way, I realized not many know much about Romania. So I said to myself – I must do something about this! And here I am, together with colleagues, to guide you through Romania!”

Sergiu Dănilă

Sergiu, born and bread in Timișoara, is also a founder of Hightours.ro. He graduated English and German studies at the West University in his hometown. Fluent in four languages (English, German, Italian, Spanish), he currently is the youngest member of our team. He presents his tours as part of his life, not only like a job! Passionate about nature, photography and… Inter Milan. Definitely worth meeting him on the way!