Timisoara City Tours

Timisoara’s Food Tour

Timisoara’s Food Tour

Discovering a destination also means discovering the local cuisine. This tour allows you to see and taste Romanian food while also learning about local history.

For a starter, while tasting it, we’ll talk about food and about the beginnings of Romania and Timisoara’s history. Then we’ll walk to the old downtown (Union Square), talking about the Ottoman history of Timisoara and how the city was conquered by the Austrian Empire. The following stop is for sarmale (cabbage rolls) and a glass of local wine.

Our walk will continue towards Liberty Square, the old administrative center of the city, and Victory Square. Here we’ll talk about the last 125 years of history in Timisoara: how the city lost its walls, what happened in World War I, and how Timișoara became part of Romania. We’ll see the opera house, the beautiful palaces built 100 years ago, and the Romanian Orthodox Cathedral.

After all that history, you must be hungry again, so it’s time for some mici (minced meat rolls), one of the favorite party foods for Romanians. Following that, we’ll conclude the tour with the desert, and for that, we’ll try papanasi, a very simple but irresistible typical Romanian dessert.

To sum it up, this tour comprises 2000 years of history, four dishes, and around 1.5 km (about one mile) of walking (burning some of the calories involved in the menu).

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