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Timisoara - the 1989 Revolution Tour

Timisoara - the 1989 Revolution Tour

Timisoara Revolution Tour is a program that combines a walking tour of the “hot spots” of the 1989 Romanian Revolution. The starting point of the tour is Timotei Cipariu Street, the place where, on the 16th of December 1989, the spark of the revolution was lit.

The tour continues in the city center. We see the places where the revolutionaries gathered, where the people died, the buildings with bullet marks, and the “balcony of the revolution”—the place where Timisoara was proclaimed the first city in Romania free of communism.

On the way, we’ll also see the art monuments spread over the city that have been dedicated to the days of the Revolution.

Some of the greatest contemporary artists have left behind a lot of meaning and passion. A tour of recent history dedicated to those who dared to speak out against a dictator.

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