One Day In Transylvania

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One Day in Transylvania


Transylvania is a magic land. Above all, it is magic by its diversity, then by its history, and nonetheless by its people.

This one-day trip will take you to the southwestern part of Transylvania. First you will see the ruins of an ancient Roman city, then you will witness one of the oldest and stranges churches in Romania. The second part of the day will take you to see a very picturesque Gothic castle, and for the grand finale, the ruins of a Middle Age fortress set on the top of a volcanic hill.

We depart from Timisoara around 8:30. After we cross the Carpathians, we will arrive in Ulpia Traiana Augusta Dacica Sarmizegetusa – this was the full name of the ancient capital built by Romans at the beginning of the 2nd century after they’ve conquered more than half of today Romania. We will see the ruins of the ancient amphitheater, and the ruins of the city and will visit the small museum holding a lot of the objects excavated here.

The second stop is Densus. Here we’ll visit St. Nicholas’ Church, one of the oldest and oddest in Romania. If the priest is around, we’ll visit the church also inside.

Next stop is Hunedoara, the hometown of Joannes Corvinus (Ioan de Hunedoara). In the 15th century, he was the governor of Transylvania, an important military leader, and the greatest fighter against the Ottomans of his time. His castle is the biggest Gothic civil building in southeastern Europe. We’ll have the opportunity to visit Corvins’ Castle from the council room to the torture chamber. Time for lunch in a nice restaurant before or after visiting the castle.

The last stop is in Deva, to see the ruins of the fortress set on the top of a volcanic hill. The view from the fortress is remarkable.

Transportation by car/minivan is included. You will be picked up and dropped off at your hotel.

Not included in the price: lunch, entrance fees for Sarmizegetusa and Corvins’ Castle, cable car ticket for Deva Fortress – optional, as we can enter the fortress hiking the hill.

Don’t forget your walking shoes, comfortable clothes, and your good mood :).