Timisoara – the 1989 Revolution Tour


Timisoara – The 1989 Revolution Tour

Timisoara Revolution Tour is a program that combines a walking tour of the “hot spots” of the 1989 Romanian Revolution.

  • The starting point of the tour is Timotei Cipariu Street, the place where on the 16th of December 1989, the sparkle of the revolution was lit.
  • The tour continues in the city center. We see the places where the revolutionaries gathered, where the people died, the buildings with bullet marks, and the “balcony of the revolution” – the place where Timisoara was proclaimed the first city in Romania free of communism.
  • On the way, we’ll also see the art monuments spread over the city that have been dedicated to the days of the Revolution. A lot of meaning and passion left behind by some of the greatest contemporary artists.
  • A tour about the recent history, dedicated to the people who dared to raise against a dictator.

Aditionally, you can visit the Memorial of the 1989 Revolution. This Memorial is dedicated to only 7 days of history. 7 days who changed a lot the life of an entire country. There we can see the exhibits dedicated to the events in 1989, the ecumenical chapel, and watch a documentary about the revolution. With a little luck, you can meet Mr. Orban, the manager of the Memorial, one of the revolutionaries wounded in Timisoara.