Timisoara – Live Like a Local

timisoara – live like a local

During this tour we’ll try not to do the “touristic” things. We’ll try to be in contact with the local people, to see how they live, to hear their stories.

We meet in the morning, and have coffee / tea together. Probably you don’t know that the inventor of the first espresso machine, Mr. Francesco (Ferenc) Illy, was born in Timisoara in 1892. While drinking coffee we’ll make plans for the day. After this, we can go shopping in a local market, using the public transport or the bicycles. We’ll buy stuff according to what we decide to cook for the lunch. Of course we intend to cook a local simple dish, Something you will be able to cook also at your home. Hostel Costel, the coziest Hostel in Romania, will accommodate us cooking.  After lunch we’ll start the city tour. I’ll try to provide you information about the daily life of the people in Timisoara. The walking tour we’ll take us 2-3 hours. After the tour we can end the day drinking some local beer / wine.