the tour of communist ages at timisoara

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the tour of communist ages at timisoara

In December 1989 the communist Romania could be considered as a mental-hospital where the lunatics were running the asylum and the “internees” were punished for their sanity. How did we get to have one of the most iconic dictatorship regimes in the modern history? What and who are to be blamed for this tragic condition? And not the last, how did courageous people stood-up and repudiated the evil leaders?  The Tour of Communist Ages is trying to provide answers to these complex questions, and not only.

The Tour will start at the location of misfit club “SCARTZ Place Lejer” with a biography of the main character of this period: Nicolae Ceausescu, the cobbler’s apprentice who became later Romania’s “Fountain of Light”.

Further on, the tour-guide will unveil the 50-years geopolitical evolution that resulted in this tragic historical event known as the “Romanian Revolution of 1989”.

Following, the presentation will stop for a visit into the Communist Customer Museum, which is located at the basement of SCARTZ club. The museum is in fact a large collection of various objects, products from the Communist era, depicting an ordinary 2-rooms apartment.

Next is the walking part of thee tour. We’ll visit the place where the Romanian Anticommunist Revolution started in 1989 and the hottest spots of those days: Decebal Bridge, the local headquarter of the former Communist Party (County Council), Liberty Square and Victory Square.

After the tour, you can visit the The Revolution Memorial (entrance fee 10 lei)


Price: 65 euros / tour (1 to 4 persons)