Trip to the Heart of Transilvania

Changing of the guard in Alba Iulia, Transylvania

Trip to Alba Iulia and Turda Salt Mine; Possible drop off in Cluj-Napoca (departure from Timisoara)

At 8:00 you’ll be picked up from your accommodation in Timisoara. We drive East, we cross the Carpathians and we follow the course of the Mures River. The first stop is at Alba Iulia – The White City. This city it’s got 2000 years of history, going back to the time of the Roman Empire. In the Middle Ages, Alba Iulia was the first Capital of Transylvania. Starting with the 18th century, Transylvania became part of the Habsburg Empire and a new fortress was being built here. This Vauban-style defensive structure is still standing and this is what we are going to visit.

Time for lunch in a local restaurant and after lunch, we drive to Turda, in the heart and also called the heart of Transylvania. Here we’ll visit the spectacular salt mine that stands among one of the most fascinating underground places in the world (entrance fee). The point deepest goes 112 meters underground! The mine is a cure place, but also a big tourist attraction. You can spend time there playing billiards, Ping-Pong or even rowing a boat on a small salted lake on the bottom of one of the old shafts.