Vanturatoarea Waterfall – Nature Day Trip from Timisoara

Timisoara City Tours

One of the most spectacular waterfalls in the Carpathians, hidden in the Cerna Mountains, Vânturătoarea Waterfall is located at just 200 km from Timisoara.

On our way there, 15 km before reaching our destination, we will pass through the famous Băile Herculane, a town with a history dating back to nearly 2 millennia ago. Băile Herculane gained its reputation due to its thermal waters and the therapeutic properties of its ionized air. Here we will see (unfortunately) the ruins of what was once a thriving balneary and climatic resort.
From Băile Herculane, the road runs parallel to the Cerna River, upstream, for a further 20 minutes of driving. We will park at the bridge located at the tail of the reservoir lake, and walk from there on. The hike to the waterfall takes about 1 hour. During the hike, we will be able to stop at a viewing point and admire the location from a special vista. The waterfall is found at an altitude of 1000 m, decorating a spectacular limestone wall with a 40 m fall. At the base, the water falls on a crest, splashing into countless fine droplets that sometimes (with the right wind and light) create a unique rainbow show. The trail goes directly behind the waterfall, giving visitors the opportunity to cool down and
admire the show from “behind the curtain”. Depending on the season, the waterfall’s flow varies, the highest being in the spring after the snow melts.
From the base of the waterfall, we will continue our hike for another 10 minutes until we reach the top of the waterfall to get a complete view. On our return, we will take a dip in the famous thermal waters, then, depending on the group’s preference, we will dine in Herculane.

Each participant must have: trekking shoes / boots, equipment suitable for a day of hiking, swimsuit.

The tour includes: transportation from Timisoara (from the place of accommodation) and a certified guide.
Lunch will be “picnic” style, with your own food. For dinner, we will choose the location together, and each participant will pay for his/her own meal.

This tour must be booked at least 3 days in advance.